Sam Meets… Reading University Business Society

Freshers fortnight can be a busy time, whether you are just starting your first, second or final year. But one thing most students make time for, is seizing the opportunity to try something new.

I had the chance to catch up with some of the committee members for the Business Society (RUBS) to see what they have planned for this year and why students may be interested in joining them.

When talking to RUBS, we discussed a few points that students want to know when signing up for the society, as well as some FAQs.

How are you planning to really bring the Business Society to life this year?

‘This year we want to do things differently, we’re passionate about helping people to reach out during their years at Reading. This is a society for those who want to enjoy themselves and increase their employability.

‘We have regular socials and exclusive trips, really helping students to branch out and make new friends, as well as networking events and company workshops. We want to give students the opportunity to gain social and commercial exposure that they wouldn’t gain anywhere else.’

What are some of the stand out events taking place this year?

‘From a careers stand point, we are hosting exclusive recruitment days for members which can help students gain exposure to prestigious employers and lead to work experience and fast track the Internship recruitment process.

‘We also have a variety of networking events lined up for students, so whatever their commercial interests are, they’ll benefit from attending.

‘There are some amazing socials lined up to kick off the year, members get discounts on tickets for the socials, as well as the chance to go on our exclusive RUBS Amsterdam trip in January. Which is definitely not to be missed!’

How can students get the most out of RUBS?

‘Really get involved, come to the events, show your support, and get stuck in. It’s all a part of the university experience and we’re here to help students get the most out of it. Whether you’re a first year, or just starting your final year doing a postgraduate qualification. We have some amazing opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else.’

What made you guys want to be a part of RUBS?

‘Students deserve something better, RUBS was one of the biggest societies on campus, we want to bring that back. We have just come back from work placements at some amazing companies and now we’re back for our final year, we want to help people get the most out of their time at Reading and Henley.’

‘We want to help students get the most out of their experience like we have, and to build something that students can be proud of.’

You heard it here, it sounds like the society have a lot planned for this coming year. Find out more at: and 


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