Studying in Aarhus, Denmark

Right when I started to feel like home in the UK, I made the decision to change it. A decision which I don’t regret at all now, after almost two months of living in Aarhus, Denmark. Even though I am on an academic placement, it is impossible and unfulfilling to only focus on that aspect while studying abroad. Living for a year in a different country, culture, society, means building a new life while always keeping in mind and drawing from past experiences, and also absorbing new information to take with you further.

I am studying Business at BSS Aarhus in one of the happiest, most civilized and evolved countries in the entire world.  For many nations, it could appear as if Denmark is decades into the future. Their education and lifestyle has led to great advances and success in everything from design to sustainability. So it is perfectly understandable that I am grateful for the opportunity to learn their ways, learn about what motivates them, learn about their ambitions and how they achieve them.

Education is a crucial step toward becoming a well-rounded individual and a responsible citizen, national and global. The importance given to this aspect can really be noticed at Aarhus University. The quality of the courses, the general studying environment, the diversity seen among students and the focus on offering a practical educational experience make Aarhus University a great institution.

Beyond what I mentioned above, the University also organizes career events and student fairs, which are really informative and interesting to attend. The student organization also plays an important role in diversifying the range of activities available to students here, by planning themed social nights and trips, where you constantly meet new people while unwinding and having fun.

Since I have been here, my list of places I want to visit has grown exponentially. It seems that the fact that I traveled to Denmark has somehow woken up the desire to travel even more. I have visited more of Denmark so far and planned a couple of trips in the near future. Unlike my friends, who are only here for a semester and try to go to as many places as possible in quite a short amount of time, I am luckier in that I have more time in this country that unites the less visited Scandinavia with the most popular part of Europe.

If you are unsure whether it is worth it or if studying abroad is for you, please give it a try. It really is for everybody because you can always find friends that you have stuff in common with, places where you feel extremely comfortable, new things that you enjoy doing and experiences you have never even thought about. How cool would it be to stand in the water of two seas at the same time? Denmark gave me that,  and I am sure that all the other countries have something special to offer as well.

The experience of studying abroad teaches you a lot: about whatever degree you are doing, about your passions and interests, about the infinite diversity of people, about the beauty of our natural world and about the endless amount of opportunities that wait for us to embrace them.University buildings from AU library-15th floor

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