Visit Days – Who, what, where?

Congratulations on your hard work so far and receiving your offer from Henley Business School!

Your To Do List

  • Secure your grades!
  • Think of some questions.
  • Write down these questions about University courses, life and experience.
  • Decide if Henley is the place you would like to spend the next best three years of your life.
  • Attend a visit day.

Visit days are tailored to students who have applied, received offers, and are now considering where they want to study. This means that the day is specifically designed around answering your questions, as well as making you aware of all the opportunities available. We hope this will help you come to your own conclusion as to whether Henley is right for you.

The day is timetabled and includes opportunities to discuss whether your course is eligible for studying abroad.  You can also discuss elements of student life entirely unrelated to the course itself, such as the difference between school and university, plus sport and society opportunities.

Not only will you meet the lecturers teaching Henley courses, but you will get to chat to students about their experience and what they have done whilst at Henley Business School, both for fun and to further their future career!

Henley’s own dedicated careers team will talk you through the strong relationships they have with big brand companies and small enterprises. They host events throughout the academic year including employer panels, networking sessions, CV clinics and preparation meetings. They can also help you to decide if you would like to do a placement in industry whilst you are at University. The Henley Careers team can really help to put you in the best possible position to increase your network, skills and chances of securing a top placement.

Visit days are a chance to see the campus, meet other offer holders, make new friends, and get a feel for what life at Henley is really like. No giant tents or maxed out lecture theatres, instead you will be in small groups, having personable conversations with academics and current students.

In short, you get to experience your preferred course, and what campus life could be like here for you at Henley Business School.

To book, log on to your portal at:, select ‘Applications’ on the top bar. Then click on ‘Visits and Interview Days’.

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