How to find your way around campus in your first weeks.

A large campus Uni can be very daunting to a new student. From department buildings to study spaces, to food, drink and relaxing hubs, the campus as a lot to offer, and thus a lot to navigate! Here is a guide to finding exactly what you need in time for Welcome Week.


No matter which entrance you’re coming from, making your way to the central Whiteknights area is easily done due to the generous signposting all over the campus! There are also maps at most points where the student accommodation joins onto the study areas, for example at the bridges over the lake that lead from campus to Wessex, Bridges hall, and the agricultural, art and psychology buildings.

It’s also very easy to find a campus map online. Just search ‘Uni of Reading Whiteknights campus map’ or follow this link . You can easily find out what building your lectures or classes are in by opening your timetable and clicking on it. This also gives you a map reference! Below is an example from one of my English classes in Edith Morley; the huge horseshoe-shaped building in the central Whiteknights area:


Most freshers’ events take place in temporary marquees and tents on the big green spaces and carparks on the Whiteknights campus. There is a huge piece of green space behind the students’ union building that is sometimes used for careers and module events. Often, when these tents are up a temporary tent sticker will be placed on the maps around campus to show you exactly where the event is that year!

Food, drink, study, relax

The campus has plenty to offer in terms of relaxation spaces, cafeterias and bars that are fairly easy to find as they are really spread out all over! You will never have a lack of choice. The Co-op is next to the Students’ Union, for all your basic needs. Dolce Vita is a café on the ground floor of the Palmer building that offers great hot drinks and a variety of vegan or gluten-free choices! There are two large cafeterias on campus, Eat at the Square and Park eat. The former is in one corner of the central Whiteknights square, next to the students’ union building, and the latter is down by the sports park, near Windsor, Mackinder and Stenton student halls. Park eat also contains Park Bar, one of the three bars on Campus. Mojo’s bar is located in the Students’ union with delicious burgers and great events held all year around. Finally, Ice Bar, which is on the Ground floor of Wessex hall, but anyone can enjoy drinks and cocktails here!

The campus may seem a huge, daunting mess of buildings on your first day, but there are plenty of ways to easily navigate the area. Student help facilities are located in the Students’ union, Carrington building, and the Edith Morley building. The lovely staff are always there to help you find your way around, offer support with studies and anything else you may want some help with. Good luck!

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