Where to go on Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most romantic holidays, but like all important events, it can sometimes require a bit of preplanning and effort. Even if you’re on a student budget, there’s no reason your Valentine’s Day can’t be as memorable and cute for you and your partner. After all, what really matters is spending the day with people you love and care about. Now, we’ve got your back!  here are a few dating ideas and places to go in Reading to impress your partner and enjoy your time together. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Café Yolk

What can be more romantic than enjoying a nice brunch together in the early morning with you partner on Valentine’s day? If you live in Reading, this award-winning Café should not be a stranger to you. Book your seat under their recent renewal glass ceiling in the balcony seating area so you can enjoy your brunch in an open area with rich Vitamin D.

You have a variety of choices from traditional English breakfast, egg benedict, Mexican brunch to freshly made fruity smoothie. You will be surprise by the amount of people lining outside, waiting to start their day with Café Yolk’s big portion brunch menu.

Definitely go check it out.


Sources: Café Yolk Official Instagram 

Thames Lido 

You might be surprised that there is an actual 5-star rating health centre located in Reading. Thames Lido is a private owned health centre with multiple relaxing facilities such as outdoor pool heated at 21 -25 degree 7 days a week, an open-air hot tub for you to enjoy the chilly English weather but stay warm at the same time! It also has two pool-side saunas with water at 70 degree, you can heat up your body temperature after swimming immediately. What is the best part? It comes with a beautiful restaurant & bar surrounding the pool which serve delicious Mediterranean food and drinks, so you and your partner can spend the whole day at Thames Lido and switch off from the outside world! If you wish to treat yourself and your partner with something luxurious and special, book their spa session and create the most relaxing Valentine’s day together!  


Source: Thames Lido Google Picture

Mad hatter pottery painting Café

If you are still hesitating and not satisfied with brunch idea or a spa day, come to Mad hatter pottery painting café on Valentine’s Day so you can make your ‘personalised’ gift for your partner! 

Obviously, pottery painting is optional, here they serve homemade dessert, freshly ground coffee for you to enjoy a peaceful afternoon and chat with your love ones. But if you would like to be creative and DIY a gift for your partner, you simply go to the pottery shelf and choose whatever you desire. Pottery painting option including mugs, different sizes of plates, salad bowl and all kinds of tableware that make your dining table impressive. You can come to the cafe with your partner and paint ‘couple mugs’ or ‘couple plates’ together and surprise each other with your artistic intuition! All the paint and brushes are provided in the café already, so just be there on time and enjoy a different kind of romance!


Source: Mad hatter Pottery Café official Facebook account 


After all, you might just want late night meal with partner in crime after watching a late evening movie or just simply craving for some guilty pleasure. This sushi bar opens from midday until late evening, but not a lot of people know they offered 50% off on selected meal after 10 p.m., which means you can get a Salmon avocado roll or Ramen for less than 5 pounds. So, if you wanted a romantic post movie meal or simply just craving for food but grow tired on Domino’s buy one gets one free meal deal, Sushimania should be the place you take your partner to spend the last few hours of Valentine’s Day and enjoy the rest of the night with each other! 


Written by Yun – Yun, one of our Digital Student Engagement Team students

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