WINE AND WORK: Awards and Achievements

“Standing at the right hand side of the stage is a somewhat unassuming man, looking slightly nervous, clad in a black gown with blue and white draped around his neck. He is just within the massive spotlight which is focused, rather unflinchingly, upon Sir Richard Sykes and Professor Julia Buckingham, the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University London respectively. They are, most enthusiastically, reading their way through a citation and list of accomplishments said man achieved in his time at Brunel. They finish their part and look right somewhat expectantly…”


Achievement has become the cornerstone of life for many young people aspiring to become someone of relative import. Perhaps, at times, it is hard to see what you’re reaching for, what you’re building to, but you have to believe it will amount to something.

 “The man strode onto stage, smiling confidently but the blush in his cheeks belying that confidence for the mask it was. The crowd stood, cheering and whooping like they had only for their own friends or children; this man before them was not who he was, but a symbol of their own friends and families accomplishment. He accepted the handshakes of the dignitaries with grace, took the medal and certificate they proffered, flashed a smile to the camera, and was gone back into the shadows from whence he came. His moment was over, but his achievements (hopefully) just beginning…”

It is all too easy to become so wrapped up in the arms of the green eyed monster that you cannot celebrate the achievements of others with the same gusto and vigour you would your own. In this case, I would direct you to the exultation of peers at the Oscars, or other gatherings of the successful, they cheer as much for others as they ever would themselves (in most cases).

Henley Business School has offered me so many opportunities to achieve already, and will offer me many more in the future, which is why I’m here. Funnily enough, it’s why I’m writing this blog too, so that I can do even more!

And so it was, by virtue of achievement and celebrating others before myself, that I found myself at the right side of said stage.

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