My Reflections…

As I reflect on over 30 years at the University, and the last 10 or so helping to build the Business School, there is much to look back on – lots of memories and things that not only have shaped my life but hopefully also left a legacy at the institution.  I can’t claim credit for most of the things that Henley has achieved, as it is always a team effort, but there are a few things I am particularly proud of.

First is sustaining and developing our accreditations – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. These are highly demanding reviews and from almost a standing start we have kept our “Triple Crown”.   We have also extended this with new professional accreditations like the CIPD and accreditation of our online learning- being a pilot institution for the new EFMD EOCCS (European Online Course Certification System).  These reviews have given us a real opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved and think about our future ambitions….and there is always things to learn!

Secondly is growing our portfolio and increasing student numbers at all levels, in a range of areas and in multiple locations internationally which has enhanced our standing as a truly world-class international business school. This growth has allowed us not only to invest in exceptional faculty but also to build outstanding student support from careers consultants to programme administrators.  The strength and reach of Henley is now a power to be reckoned with.

Thirdly is hiring some amazing talent.  Over the last seven years we have attracted some fantastic individuals who in turn have hired more exceptional talent.  Ultimately the Business School is a collection of individuals with a common purpose and goals. I really feel that I am leaving the organisation in capable hands.

Finally, at the recent journalists’ day where we profiled some of our current research, I heard really interesting and impactful work being done by some of our younger colleagues.  Then, as part of a number of recruitment panels, I saw our own PhD students outshine those from our competitors.  I realised how far we had come in developing a strong research culture and how enthusiastic and committed the faculty are.

There is a lot to be proud of but some of my best memories are when I have the opportunity to talk about the Business School – something my colleagues know I love to do! That includes welcome dinners for MBA cohorts as they embark on their journey, speaking at numerous graduations here in the UK and in South Africa where you see graduates and their families glowing with pride, and of course my involvement with the alumni including key anniversaries in Finland and Malta as well as chairing the Henley Women in Leadership Forum where we showcase work we are doing around diversity & inclusions.  Last but not least I thoroughly enjoy running the Henley induction for new staff helping colleagues to see the big picture and be proud of the institution they have joined.

So for me Henley has clearly left its mark and I hope that I too have left my own mark on Henley.

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