The year that changed my life – reflections of an MBA

I entered the room on a Monday morning, sat down and expected to be given a direct walkthrough of the program and the journey ahead of us, but instead a gentle but firm voice started with: “Welcome! This is all about you, your development and your goals”, and that is exactly what it was.

The Henley MBA has increased my confidence and inner strength by improving my knowledge and self-awareness, in ways I never thought was possible, through the people (both staff and students), the high level of academics, its personal development program, workshops and assignments. Instead of doubting myself in certain situations because I am afraid, I´ve found my inner strength and learned to channel these feelings and use them to excel – unleashing my true potential. This is how the MBA influenced me, not only for a year but for the rest of my life, and it gave me the confidence to pursue a doctoral degree at Henley Business School.

However, there is one experience in particular I would like to bring forward and that is the class-trip we had to South Africa, which was an emotional rollercoaster and a life changing experience for many of us. We were given an assignment to work with a charity (that was helping youngsters from troubled backgrounds and environments to a better life) in Cape Town, as a part of the “Reputation and Responsibility” module, and help them with branding and reputational challenges in the market – in order to support an increase in funding and awareness. This was both very exciting and challenging, but we were not prepared for the level of impact this journey would have on us. I can only speak for myself, but it changed my perspectives on life. During my time in South Africa I was faced with the poverty, the political disruption, crime and instability. I met people who did not only fear for their own life, but they had seen others loose theirs. Yet, underneath all the fear there was an incredible strength. These people who had experienced things one should never be experiencing, still managed to smile, show an incredible kindness, compassion and cared for all around – no matter who they were or where they came from. These people reminded me of the true meaning of life and what really matters. For that I am forever grateful.

This journey has given me an outer view of the inner world apart from my own consciousness. Given life, fostered values, meaning and strength.  On another note you may say it is Henley Business School!

I would like to thank all at Henley Business School, from the bottom of my heart, you who spend your life helping students discover their inner potential and true talent. You for sure helped me find mine and you have given me a new meaning and confidence. So has my cohort of fellow MBA´s, and you have all (both staff and students) changed my life in so many ways. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you all, but I will do my very best and proudly carry on the Henley legacy.

Thank you!

Warmest regards,
MBA graduate, class of 2016/17.

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IMG_1202Photo: Pariwat Wathanyuwanit (2017)

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  1. pauljcrook says:

    Interesting piece – was it the MBA, your own career and life moment additional to the exposure to different lives?

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    1. olepetteranfinsen says:

      Thank you and I am happy to hear you found it interesting. Yes, it was a combination but the MBA itself worked as a catalyst to these life changing moments.


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