Results day plot twist? Don’t panic.

I’m Sam, an undergraduate studying Business Management, currently on placement with the Henley Marketing & Communications team.

I know Clearing and Adjustment can be stressful, so I’ve had a chat with the 2017-18 Reading Student Union President, a recent Henley graduate, Tristan Spencer.

Tristan and I have been through the same traumatic experience of results day and we survived. So will you! However, just to be sure, we’ve put together some key tips for results day, and most importantly we’ll be telling you WHY NOT TO PANIC.

When talking to Tristan, we discussed points we feel need to be addressed, as well as some FAQs that may be playing on your mind.

What were your biggest fears coming up to results day, how would you advise people to handle them?

Tristan tells us: “It was ultimately whether or not l did well enough to get in to University. The way I dealt with it was, I accepted what will be will be. No amount of worrying would have changed my grades so I just concentrated on ensuring I was prepared, such as having University hotlines as well as having my UCAS details on my phone.”

Being prepared means if the ‘worst case scenario’ becomes reality, it doesn’t have to be any more stressful than it already is.

What would you recommend to students going through clearing and adjustment this year?

“Choose a University you could see yourself at. One you see yourself enjoying, the surroundings, the campus atmosphere and what they have to offer. Also the way the course is laid out. Don’t go solely for reputation as it’ll differ so much to your actual experience.”

Keep calm, be open and don’t rush. Clearing and Adjustment is open for over a week. So if you get an offer, sleep on it. Everything moves so quickly on results day, so it’s important to not rush in to any decision until you’ve taken a minute to weigh up your options and thought about practicalities of each choice i.e. location and living costs.

What are Henley looking for from prospective students?

Henley are looking for people with passion, people that want to do well, people that are well-rounded, so it isn’t just about your results.”

Henley are looking for rounded individuals, not just straight A’ students. It’s what makes the experience so diverse and exciting. Everyone has different cultures and experiences to bring to the table.

Nearly every student at University has experienced the daunting summer in between finishing exams and results day. Now that well-earned break is drawing to a close, it’s time to think about your future, and where you may or may not be going. Now, whether it goes better than expected, or there is a plot twist in your journey, you are not on your own.

Most importantly GOOD LUCK AND DON’T PANIC!

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