University Misconceptions: A Fresher’s Guide

Welcome Week is nearly upon us, you’ve workshopped the new nickname you want to try out, created a new image and planned your introductions for your debut to your new flatmates. It is going to be a heck of a two weeks, so I thought it important to share a few misconceptions with Freshers about the realities of starting University life.

First things first, not everyone needs to bring a toastie maker…

I am sure you are in the process of packing (or your mum is), and I bet you have made countless lists on things that you must not forget like speakers, fairy lights and the humble toastie maker. But, the chances are your other flatmates will also be on the same hype train of bringing every item they own because they suddenly cannot bear to leave without it. So, one big piece of advice is do not overpack, because if you do you may find your room and kitchen cupboard somewhat inaccessible!

Sadly, you don’t have unlimited storage when going into halls of residence and you don’t want this to be taken up with clutter. Only pack what you will use and not lots of stuff that will never get touched. Trust me, only on moving out day will you find all these things that you forgot you had. Plus, if you have forgotten something, on 26th September, ‘Your Halls Life’ programme run free shuttle buses to IKEA and back. So, you can go shopping for items (and meatballs) then if you’d like.

The Faces of Freshers Fortnight!

I’m not sure how you are feeling, but I know that when I started at University, the fear of making new friends was on my mind. But please do not worry. Meeting new people and making friends can be one of the easiest parts of going to Uni. From the social events during Freshers’ week, you will get plenty of new names and faces to remember. This is also where your first homework task comes in, remembering everyone’s name, impossible.

This brings me onto the faces of Freshers. I guarantee you that you will meet people on Freshers nights out, only to have no recollection of your meeting the day after. Then, throughout first year you will always see them on other nights out. Neither of you remembering the others name, nor how you met, but only that you recognise each other. Then, in these slightly awkward situations, you will simply acknowledge each other with a friendly nod of the head and, for you both, that is the extent of your friendly pleasantries.

Surprise, surprise you’ll want to organise!

One dramatic change that University brings is that your timetable is nothing like that at school or college. You will have lots of free time between lectures and unlike school, no lecturer is going to chase you to do your work. It may seem as though you have all the free time in the world but do spend a little on being productive for your course. For example, go over lecture material during this time as lecturers rarely repeat content.

An apple a day keeps the Freshers Flu away… 

Many don’t spare a thought to Dr’s surgery when coming to Uni. During the Societies and Sports fayres during Welcome Week, there will be representatives from the local doctor’s surgeries – an easy way to register and ask questions. It’s worth registering for peace of mind in case you are need anything.

Is it all about who you know?

One key thing to remember is your room key. There will certainly be a time during Freshers when you are having so much fun with your new-found friends, that you accidentally forget to take your room key out with you and get locked out of your halls. Don’t panic, it happens to the best of us. If this does happen though, Halls Hotline will be there to save the day. You will be introduced to them when you move into halls, so make sure to save their phone number so that have it when you need it. (Did you catch the door pun I made, no? If not, I bet you’re going back to find it now, aren’t you?)

Well… these are my Uni misconceptions for you. I hope these will be of use to you.

All you need to do now is make sure you are packed, have a nickname picked out and have rehearsed your debut routine at least ten times to make sure you nail it when you arrive.

Oh, and one last thing… have a great time in Freshers Weeks because it will be amazing and unforgettable!

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