The Top Places to Eat in Reading

When it comes to finding somewhere to eat in Reading, you have plenty of places to choose from, but where do you start?

Both on and off campus, Reading is bursting with restaurants and cafés, to suit everyone’s desires. Whether you want something affordable, relaxing, quick, fancy or a novelty edge, I have got you covered with some of my preferences!

On Campus:

1. The Dairy

Casual Dining:
Located on London Road Campus, it is both a University and public bar offering lunch and evening meal with the option to have burgers, baguettes, salads, light meals and world food. It has the added benefit of having a beer garden, offering the perfect location for a Pimm’s during the summer. Not many people know about The Dairy, but it is my favourite place on campus for an affordable yet enjoyable meal.
Price: £

2. Park House

Casual Dining:
This treasure is at the heart of the Whiteknights Campus inside the beautiful historic house. Not many know that this estate is actually a restaurant, offering lunch, dinner and drinks alongside having an outdoor terrace area overlooking the campus. The menu provides a classic pub vibe, with the options for steak, fish and chips, lasagne as well as a variety of luscious desserts.
Price: ££

3. Dolche Vita

Café Dining:
Dolche Vita is a café located on the edge of Palmer Building in Whiteknights Campus offering modern indoor atmosphere as well as plentiful outdoor space. With a variety of healthy lunches, sandwiches, cakes and beverages available, it is the prime place for a casual yet stylish café experience.
Price: £

4. Mojos Bar

Casual and Quick Dining:
If you head into RUSU, you will come across Mojo’s Bar which is a perfect place to relax with the option to sit indoors and outdoors on the patio overlooking the meadow. Not only can you order cheap breakfast to dinner, you can also enjoy and partake in their quizzes, comedy nights, music events and karaoke sessions making it a vibrant and fun environment.
Price: £


1. Yolk

Casual and Brunch Dining:
Yolk is definitely a favourite dining place in Reading, meet up with friends and eat delicious food. It is a 10-minute walk from Whiteknights Campus, inside the heart of the student living area. It is an award-winning brunch restaurant which sources from local suppliers. You can choose from Mexican brunch, eggs benedict, pancakes, acai bowl, burgers, natural smoothies and hot beverages. Its popularity is highlighted by the queues, but the waiting is worth the delicious brunch.
Price: ££

2. Hope and Bear

Casual Dining:
A 15-minute walk away from Campus, the Hope and Bear is positioned on London Road, a stylish traditional pub experience with 2 immaculate beer gardens and an all rounded menu. It is a laid-back restaurant, offering brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks for whatever you fancy. It is my foremost pub to consider if I ever crave a Sunday Roast enabling me to feel as if I am back at home at a country pub, in contrast to being in the heart of Reading.
Price: ££

3. The Botanist

Special Occasion:
Although a little pricier and more formal, the Botanist is in central Reading town centre and a place like no offer; offering breakfast, small plates, deli boards, popular meals, posh kebabs, desserts as well as a large selection of cocktails, beers, ales, champagne and wine. You are guaranteed to consume high-quality food and drinks, within a joyous atmosphere.
Price: £££

4.London Street Brasserie

Special Occasion:
Whilst being in a former 18th Century tollhouse, in the heart of Reading town centre which overlooks the River Kennet, it is a wonderful restaurant with a menu offering French bistro favourites. With their immaculate service and tasty food, it is a key place to dine for occasions such as birthdays and graduation.
Price: £££

By Katie Smallman

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