My Experience at University of Reading

University can be an extremely daunting thought for some, I was not the exception. The thought of starting university, moving away from home, and having to take responsibility for myself was a thought that I was not entirely sure I was prepared for. However, now that I have finished my final year exams, I am able to reflect on my time spent studying Business Management at the University of Reading and Henley Business School and the amazing three years I have had.

Move in day in first year was the most chaotic day that I can remember from my entire university experience. I was in the rather unique position whereby my allocated move-in day fell on my 19th birthday. As it was the first-time meeting all of my flatmates, I decided to keep quiet about my birthday in an attempt to ensure I was not coming across as attention seeking. Upon reflection I think this would have actually been a great conversation starter; and would have avoided the awkward explanation later in the day when all of my new friends where notified of my birthday via Facebook. Nonetheless, my flatmates in first year have stayed my closest friends and we still live together now!

Throughout my first year at university I was part of the competitive level 1 squad for cheerleading, where I met so many new people through the hours of training and frequent socials. Thus, upon starting second year I was adamant on attending tryouts with hopes of making the team again or even moving up a level. To my disappointment, myself and numerous others from my previous team had been moved down to the non-competitive performance squad. This was disheartening as the work and commitment we had put in the preceding year had not been worthwhile. Still, we decided that our enjoyment for the sport and social events were enough to persuade us to continue, even it was just for fun. This really worked out in our favour as with the added workload moving in to second year it would have been a huge commitment to try and keep up both a society and ensuring my university work and attendance was kept at a high standard. Although I did not get a place on the team that I wanted, I enjoyed my time in the cheerleading society just as much in second year and would thoroughly recommend joining a club to anybody starting or currently attending university – it’s a great way to meet new people and try new things.

I having attended countless events, dances, competitions, and even went on the ski trip to France last December (a definite highlight of my third year) it is fair to say I have rinsed every opportunity I have been given; but the day of the year that has always topped them all is Summer Ball. This event is unique to the University of Reading, where there is virtually a festival held on the grassy area around the back of the student’s union. It is always a bittersweet day, as although it is the perfect time to see all of your friends (and some faculty members too!) it is also the last day on the university calendar. Every year, although I have been disappointed about going home for summer, I have been comforted by the fact that I’ll soon return in the coming September.

As excited as I am for this year’s summer ball it will be a sad having to say goodbye to the campus that I have grown so accustomed to, as well as the amazing friends I have made, though I am confident we will be able to stay in touch. While summer ball may be the last event I will attend as an official student studying at the University of Reading, it won’t feel as though I have really left until my Graduation in July! Nonetheless, I have enjoyed every minute of my three years at university and would easily go back to relive it all if I could.

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