Varsity: what is it & who takes part?

As the end of term creeps up on us, one of the biggest events at the University of Reading is about to take place, Varsity! Every year we compete against Oxford Brookes in a gruelling day of sporting competitions, from Rugby to Archery, everybody gets involved in the team spirit. To get excited for the big day, I have interviewed Hannah Crees, a Henley student & the University of Reading Hockey team’s Treasurer, and found out why she is excited to be part of the upcoming Varsity match!

Q: “Tell us about the team you compete in and how long you have been playing the sport?”

“I compete in the ladies Hockey team and have been playing hockey for over 10 years now. My love for hockey began in primary school and has flourished throughout my secondary school education. I joined the University of Reading hockey team in my first year at Henley and have loved every minute of it. I am currently the Treasurer of the hockey team and love getting involved with the team events and the overall society experience.”

Q: “Why did you want to participate in Varsity this year?”

“Varsity is such a big event every year for the whole of the University of Reading and to have a chance to play against our rivals, Oxford Brookes, was an opportunity I had to take on. I love the overall atmosphere and the excitement that is built in the run up to the competition. I love working as a team and as a competitive group of girls, we inspire and motivate each other to play to best of our ability.”

Q: “What’s your favourite aspect of the extracurricular activities the university has to offer?”

“My favourite part about being involved in the extracurricular activities is that I have made lifelong friends. It is nice to be able to socialise with people other than the people in my house and on my course. Being part of a society is very rewarding and full of a lot of opportunities to network, I love travelling to universities across the country to compete. As well as the social aspects, potential employers love seeing people that are part of societies and take part in activities other than university work. So it is as great thing to add on your CV too!”

Q: “How do you balance your work at the Henley Business school and life in the hockey team?”

“As I am now in my second year at Henley, my work load has increased a lot compared to last year. I play hockey four times a week, two training sessions and two matches every Wednesday and Saturday. I have created and follow a university and revision timetable, so I keep on top of my studies. It is really important to create personal time for myself and playing Hockey is something I’ve always loved doing. By playing hockey regularly it helps me reboot and have a healthy, active lifestyle.”

So, as the big day fast approaches, make sure you head down to your favourite matches and support your fellow university students!

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