Meet Norma, Henley’s IdeaFest 2018 winner

A delicious, innovative and healthy business idea that surprised all of the 6 judges was this year’s IdeaFest winner!

Imagine the best brownie you’ve ever had, made out of water, oil, Norma veggie mix and… salad!Yep, you read right, Norma brownies are vegan, have about 50% less calories than a normal brownie (466 calories per 100gr) and contain all the nutrition of green vegetables. Amazing, right?

We met the winning team and talked about their product, their inspirations, and goals for the future. They were all very friendly and excited by their IdeaFest success. Norma team consists of Sirada (Si) Chokwareeporn, Setthawut (Boom) Kulsrisuwan, Thanaporn (Hoong) Tosangchai and Jonas Tusar.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Si: I studied communication design in Thailand. I was always passionate about healthy food and lifestyle. When I found out about the recipe, I knew there was a potential and I wanted to create a team for the Idea Fest competition to bring Norma to life.

And as we know today, it worked!

Boom: I studied business economy, so I am the one responsible for Norma’s finances. As soon as I arrived in Reading for my Master’s I realised I want to stay and work in the UK. Norma could be the reason my dreams come true.

Hong: I studied Sports Science and I also have start up experience as I am a member of a startup in Thailand. For our project, I am responsible for Norma’s sales.

Jonas: I am Norma’s product and marketing guy. I studied Business Informatics and I also worked as a product manager in Germany. I am now looking forward to our next step, the Summer Start-up Boot Camp by the PopUp Business School in June. This is where we will actually set up the company, build our official website and launch Norma’s product.


What was the inspiration behind Norma´s brand?


Si and Boom: We want to be known as a product that is healthy for the consumers, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly as by using leftover salad we reduce the food waste. Right now, 7.3 tons of food waste is thrown away every year in the UK from which 4.4 tons could have been used. We give Norma consumers the chance to support the environment whilst staying healthy. 

What are your future goals?

Si: Part of our IdeaFest prize was the participation at the Summer Boot Camp by Henley and the Pop-up School, where we can start making sales of our product. Right now, we are fully focused on this. We expect the future to be challenging but we are determined.

Jonas: Together we want to introduce Norma in the UK market and potentially the rest of Europe. We want to live in the UK and launch Norma in this market and then hopefully expand. We have worked very hard for this and we are not going to stop until we reach our goals.



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