SET for life!

When I first applied to be a part of the Student Engagement Team, for Henley Business School, I was not really sure what to expect. However, as it was my third year and final year of university, I felt it would be a unique opportunity to learn new skills, whilst building on my prior experience. I had a background in art and graphic design as well as being a business school student, the idea of primarily working on increasing the school’s marketing and student engagement really appealed to me!

After receiving my job offer, I was so excited to get started. Every week there are different tasks to complete both internally and externally that are sometimes done individually and other times working with the rest of the team. Since starting my position in September, I have had to opportunity to engage with my peers, other students, and even staff members. It’s been very intriguing seeing what really goes on behind the office doors!

I have had the opportunity to attend events that I would not have otherwise been able to attend, such as various talks held within Henley Business School. Moreover, I have been trained in video editing; this was something I had never tried before but is something I have definitely enjoyed learning to do. Attending events, for example, the university open days has really given me the confidence to approach so many different people that I may have been intimidated to speak to prior.

I love to be creative and innovative and working as a SET Team Member has allowed me to do this. Around the holiday time there is always a chance to brainstorm an idea for celebrating these occasions and promoting them via the social channels. There’s also the opportunity to write short blog posts, much like the one you’re reading now, which is an interesting time to research topics I would not have even considered. Having such a high level of input into what Henley posts seems scary at first, but it’s definitely rewarding seeing your work posted. Not all the tasks involve high levels of creative outlets, there are also tasks that call for analysing the engagement levels of consumers – this is a task for the business side of me!

Overall, my time spent as a Student Team Member for Henley Business School has been a really enjoyable and unique experience that I am so glad I’ve been able to do throughout my final year of studying. The skills I’ve learned are definitely ones that I can transfer as I enter the real working world. Even though I won’t be a student at the University of Reading and Henley Business School for much longer I’ll be sure to stay followed to all of the social media accounts!

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