Why a mid-career MBA?

Career success takes courage and involves taking risks. I had a varied and progressive career but I was ready to leave a management role and invest in myself – as a leader.  I knew I wanted a career transformation and I had the hunger for a life-altering experience. I wanted to learn how I could add offer more to a business but also impact society in a bigger way.

Several factors pushed me toward the challenge of an MBA midway through my career.

I loved studying in my last master’s program (Masters of Science in Nursing), so the idea of returning to school after 10 years was exciting! However, I also knew there would be a steep learning curve with the MBA but wanted the challenge and investment in my personal development. I felt that my training for endurance running races and training in the US Army would prepare me for the pressure and challenges by remaining focused, organized and balanced.



Tips on being a successful flexible learner
It’s key to be a reflective manager and understand your values and motivations. Additional tips:

  1. Be curious and challenge assumptions.
  2. Be proactive to gain maximum benefit for time during course work.
  3. Just listening can be powerful tool for learning.


What have been the greatest challenges?
Influencing teams and colleagues without authority can be a challenge in leadership roles and in dynamic teams. However, at Henley, we balance individual assignments with team work assignments and this provides us with opportunities to practice influencing others by articulating thoughts on project directions, discussing goals for the group and using persuasive dialogue in a safe environment. This has helped me sharpen my business acumen as well as strengthen my soft skills.


Why I chose Henley?
I researched MBA programs by evaluating course length, location, course content, emphasis and electives, school culture, costs, activity of alumni associations, demographics of students and spoke to students at each school.

I shortlisted the Henley MBA as the best fit for me because:

  • The course curriculum reflected topics important to me with a wide range of relevant topics such as entrepreneurship, corporate finance, importance of ethical and responsible leadership in corporations, and the inclusion of courses in sustainability. I was particularly attracted by curriculum in social responsibility with a unique learning experience in South Africa supporting a non-profit organization.
  • I was impressed with Henley’s emphasis on personal development in the course work to build self-awareness and well-rounded leaders.
  • I have an interest in woman’s advancement in all levels of business, including board levels. I attended Henley’s “Women in Leadership” meeting in London. I found the testimonials and lectures topics a fascinating experience.
  • Prior to attending Henley, I had been invited to various Henley Alumni events. I have been impressed by the values, openness and warmth demonstrated at these events and strength of the alumni.
  • Lastly, although there are many similarly reputable MBA programs in the US, I wanted diversity in my education and network to have an edge in an increasingly global business world.





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