The humble lettuce – and what it can teach us about supply chains and business strategy!

Ahead of the Henley Business School Preview Day on Saturday 17th February, I thought I’d give you a taste of the dynamic, interactive and thought-provoking taster lecture. And yes, it involves lettuce!

As Professor of Strategy and Operations Management, I lead the teaching of strategy on Henley’s MBA programmes. The lettuce illustrates a key product or service dilemma.

At the Preview Day, I’ll share lettuce lessons, and there are things about it that I know will surprise you.

This may seem a bold statement, but I am confident that by the end of the session you will appreciate the importance of the lettuce. It will make you question your own preconceptions, your personal business acumen and, indeed, your entire business strategy!


A Few Little Gems

I don’t want to give too much away but here’s some tantalising clues for you to consider ahead of the event.

It’s all about how businesses decide to compete, and an all-too common disconnect between this and the pattern used to deliver strategy.

I want people to consider if they are set up in the best way to deliver their product or service. Clearly, if you’re Esso then planning and investing in your infrastructure is very different to what it might be if you were running Uber, for example.

And if you were running McDonalds, and decided to add “McChateaubriand” to the existing menu – even if your customers wanted it! – you’d find the existing supply chain non-viable when delivering this exotic menu item.

Ultimately, whatever businesses develop as offerings, we know it’s essential to align creation with delivery in a unique and superior way. This is what sustained competitive advantage is all about. And to do that, you need to be ruthlessly decisive, which most organisations – in my experience – aren’t.

To get the full story, join me at the Preview Day in February where I will reveal all, including explaining how the Henley MBA can help you to create the perfect learning salad. Sign up:

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